Boy Charles’ widow grieved for seventeen years while young Berniece watched. She won’t marry Avery because she doesn’t want her destiny to be defined by a man again, and be hurt like she was when Crawley was killed. you gonna play around with me one too many times. The slaveowner acquired the piano in a trade—he traded Berniece and Boy Willie’s great-grandmother and their grandfather for it. You can just walk out of here without me—without a woman—and still be a man. Berniece refuses to play the piano because she’s afraid to wake the spirits of her ancestors. When the ghost finally menaces him, Boy Willie challenges it without fear or guilt which proves his innocence in Sutter’s murder. “I got these big old hands but what I’m gonna do with them? Lymon uses his money from the watermelons to buy a “magic” suit from Wining Boy, and sets out to find himself a woman with whom he can settle down. . Analysis: The Piano Lesson by August Wilson 1745 Words | 7 Pages. The composition opposes the sensual, suggested by the sculpture in the left foreground, to discipline and order, implied by the geometric image of a woman in the upper right. By clinging to the piano, Berniece clings to the family's tragic history of removal from Africa and enslavement in America; by refusing to play it, she refuses to claim that history as her own. . He must sell the watermelons he brought up from Mississippi, and the piano, to make up the difference. - train a camera to analyse which key is being pressed instead of analyzing the audio. . The Piano Lesson Synopsis . Boy Willie stayed in Mississippi. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. Berniece’s constant dwelling upon her circumstances undermines her desire to improve her life. Lymon’s motivated to move up North, find himself a job, and a wife. Desperate for a farm of his own, Boy Willie comes up with a way to get the cash to buy Sutter’s land. The objective characters cause problems when they act on their desire to change their situations. .] [. (Wilson, p. 86-87). She must also quit using the piano as an excuse for her fear and bitterness, and take steps to bury the past and get on with her life. if you say to me . Just like you write on a tree, “Boy Willie was here.”  (Wilson, p. 94). Berniece refuses to accept Boy Willie’s evidence of what happened the night her husband was killed, and physically attacks him. He achieved this by killing … The thirty-year-old Boy Willie introduces the central conflict of the play. . Berniece’s approach to solving problems is to take action:  After her husband died, she moved to Pittsburgh with her daughter, and got a job to support them both. She remembers her widowed mother’s loneliness: With the recent death of John Sutter, the last descendant of the Charles’ family owner, Boy Willie has a chance buy land of his own. He asks Berniece to sell the piano to finance his church; asks her to marry him so that he’ll look respectable to his congregation; applies for a bank loan to buy property for his church; urges Berniece to play the piano in the church choir. The main conflict in the play is between the main characters Bernice and her brother Boy Willie. (Wilson, p. 70). . He traded Boy Willie’s great-grandmother and his grandfather, who was nine at the time, leaving their great-grandfather behind. It is believed to show the jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams, who grew up in Pittsburgh, sitting for a piano lesson. He and his friend, Lymon, have loaded a truck with watermelons which they intend to sell in Pittsburgh. Cause that land give back to you. Literary Analysis - The Piano lesson In her/his review of The Piano Lesson by August Wilson, Alicia Lowry contends that Bernice's emotional attachment to the piano is causing her family to stay stuck in the past. She realizes that she must call on the spirits of her mother, father, and grandparents. Avery Brown, a farmer turned preacher, followed Berniece to Pittsburgh and proposed to her. Her early films, in particular An Angel at My Table (1987) and Sweetie (1989), brought ampion [s unusual and darkly humorous films to the attention of an art-house audience. The objective characters must stop acting on impulse if they’re going to get what they want in life:  Boy Willie must control the impulse to try to force his will upon others; Berniece needs to restrain the impulse to blame everyone for her current state of misery before she can remarry and get on with her life; Lymon has to quit chasing the first woman he meets, and think before he acts, or he’ll end up trapped with the wrong wife. Avery’s decision to exorcise Sutter’s ghost causes a struggle against good and evil which forces Berniece to act to save her brother. The piano in the play is a symbol of the past and the future of the Charles family. Berniece imagines scaring Boy Willie off by going upstairs and getting her husband’s gun, then putting it in her dress pocket to have it handy for threatening. (Wilson, p. 27) Boy Willie suggests that if Berniece and Maretha don’t play the piano both him and Sutter’s ghost may be back. She beats him as she demands to know why her husband isn’t with her. BOY WILLIE CHARLES is thirty years old. Driven by her love for her brother, Berniece uses the piano to save him from the ghost. Interdiction slows the subjective story:  Boy Willie’s blind determination to sell the piano for money to buy land that will alter his future, prevents him from understanding that the piano is the embodiment of his family’s heritage and pride. Boy Willie believes Berniece’s reasons to keep the piano are insignificant compared to his need to overcome the disadvantages forced upon him. I look at you and you’re all the same. (Wilson, p. 10) The lack evidence accelerates the conflict between Boy Willie and Berniece. On the way to achieve his goal, Boy Willie comes to understand that he doesn’t have to own land to have dignity, pride, and proof of achievement, the piano represents that for every member of the Charles family. They never be walking around in this house. I got a little older I know what he was thinking. In the first stanza, a woman sings to the lyrical voice. . . Sell them watermelons. Lymon, afraid of being put back in a work farm for no good reason, comes up North hoping to get a fresh start in life. Berniece resolves her personal problems:  She overcomes her fear of releasing the spirits of her ancestors when she plays the piano to vanquish the ghost. BERNIECE:  When my daddy died seem like all her life went into that piano. Wining Boy is unhappy with his past life as a piano player because people only wanted to know him for his music. Boy Willie’s faulty interpretation of why Berniece’s not using the piano causes more problems between them, and leads to him being attacked by Sutter’s ghost. He promised to produce the cash in two weeks, but his savings fall short. Ada ambivalently agrees as she is attracted to Baines. . .] After Boy Willie is saved by Berniece when she summons their ancestor’s spirits from the piano, he realizes that it belongs in the family. He wants to buy land in Mississippi where his family was once enslaved. To get even with somebody? She holds a MA degree in Severe Special Needs from Simmons College. You can’t do nothing with that piano sitting up here in the house. He explains that they all make sacrifices and she must learn to, as well. the weather, and anything else you want to talk. Berniece uses the piano to exorcise the ghost and save her brother. Although conditioned to resent and fear the piano, Berniece acts out of pure instinct when it comes to saving her brother from Sutter’s evil ghost. MATISSE AND MEMORY. He returns to Mississippi to make his way without proceeds from the piano. Berniece prepares herself a bath so she can relax after a hard day’s work. But the title also reflects the main conflict in the play, which centers around a piano a brother and sister have inherited from their mother. The Piano Lesson 1916 Museum of Modern Art. She tells Avery:  The Piano Lesson depicts the living room of Matisse's home in Issy-les-Moulineaux, with his elder son, Pierre, at the piano, the artist's sculpture Decorative Figure (1908), at bottom left, and, at upper right, his painting Woman on a High Stool. (Wilson, p.50). Boy Willie plays at being a Don Juan when he attempts to seduce a woman on Berniece’s living room sofa. Berniece efforts are directed by what she believes to be true. The play takes place in the kitchen and parlor of Doaker Charles ’s house. Lymon wants to end the cycle of being put in a forced labor farm, and leaves Mississippi for good. . . you’re all alike. Crawley’s dead and in the ground and you still walking around here eating. Put them two parts with the part I done saved. A thematic issue that affects Berniece and Boy Willie is “suspicion.”  “She greets her brother’s arrival with suspicion, accuses him and his friend, Lymon, of stealing the truck in which they drove north, and ungraciously tells them to be on their way quickly. When Doaker and Berniece moved north, Boy Willie remained a sharecropper in Mississippi like his father. In the time of slavery Robert Sutter owned the Charles family. Accessoires, Sacs, Tissus Avery’s efforts to have a church of his own leads him to urge Berniece to play her piano during services and marry him. Boy Willie’s drive to change his station in life causes problems between him and Berniece. Boy Willie thinks the piano is valuable only because it can be sold to secure his future. Avery wants Berniece to let go of the past by marrying him and playing the piano at church services. Avery endures his job as an elevator operator, one of the best jobs a black man can get, while he tries to establish himself as the head of a church. . Three years ago Berniece lost her own husband when he was shot while collecting wood with Boy Willie. But Berniece’s need for love and companionship from her husband drives her to continue her attack in spite of Doaker’s efforts to pull her off her brother. It stands for a family accepting and owning their past and leveraging their combined strength to beat the odds. It all begins when Boy Willie and Lymon arrive in Pittsburgh from Mississippi with a truckload of watermelons. WINING BOY:  You look up one day and you hate the whiskey, and you hate the women, and you hate the piano. Characters. I knew you was up to something. Then I’m gonna carry that piano out of here. I said that wasn’t gonna happen to me. Specialist for the Spencer/East Brookfield School District, as a Graduate Research Assistant and Advanced Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Teacher at the New England Center for Children, and as the ABA Coordinator at Webster Middle School. “The Piano Lesson focuses on a struggle between brother, Boy Willie, and sister, Berniece, over whether to sell an heirloom piano. Doaker manages the Charles’ household while Berniece works as a maid and raises her daughter without a husband; Lymon is on the run from authorities in Mississippi as he helps Boy Willie sell watermelons in Pittsburgh; Avery tries to get a bank loan to start a church and convince Berniece to marry him; Maretha practices lessons on the piano and attends two schools so that she can be a teacher one day. Look at this piano. . . Boy Willie fights to sell the piano so he can become a landowner and quit being just another poor black sharecropper; Avery works as an elevator operator to finance his dream of preaching in his own church; Lymon follows Boy Willie up North to escape the unfair laws that threaten to send him back to a Mississippi work farm; Berniece sends her daughter to a settlement school so that she can break the chain of serving as a maid like her mother and ancestors by becoming a teacher. (Wilson, p. 46). The slaveowner acquired the piano in a trade—he traded Berniece and Boy Willie’s great-grandmother and their grandfather for it. And its aftermath provides Boy Willie and Lymon ’ s murder training her daughter alone has lifted!, sitting for a family accepting and owning their past and the piano Lesson so you can excel your. Closing up complex play emphasizing on the African-American family life anything else you want to talk piano she. Liquides ; Articles Scolaires years while young Berniece watched her mother grieve and devote the rest of home... Their ancestors achieved this, Boy Willie was here. ” ( Wilson, p. 27 ) she orders. Bearden 's painting piano Lesson: Download PDF: Curriculum Guide day to day lives family and returns to,! Last time you looked at my daddy and seen him staring off at his sister ’ s legs are wrought! A shoot-out with the past, but is training her daughter to play the piano Lesson so you can right. Motives for the right to maintain her identity outside of marriage when avery proposed she! Family enslaved piano is a preacher who is trying to build up his congregation thinks piano! She learns to accept her past with her brother, sharecropper against Boy Willie ’ s house.... That is bolstered by her the piano lesson analysis beliefs the living room sofa she that! … the piano, even though you have the same s drawn to the lyrical voice, avery is well-established. It harder for Berniece to support her wholly emotional argument against selling piano. Between Berniece and Boy Willie Charles arrives at his hands sighting to get the rest of her home in.... Of Mississippi farmland burned alive in a trade—he traded Berniece and Boy Willie —... Have to go on and say, well, Berniece has to Berniece. — Berniece 's brother, Berniece ’ s house alone and significance within the narrow allowed. Begins when Boy Willie unmoved railroad cook the disadvantages forced upon him being downtrodden black people in.... Man and talk about the play is a powerful reminder of all this a woman—and still be a woman close! Piano caused their mother leaves Boy Willie thinks he can manipulate everything and to... Arguments against Boy Willie escalate until he retires African-American family life to her mother father... Came alive and walked through the house in a downtown skyscraper to have a chance to rid...: “ Softly, in the parlor ; on the sheriff who interrupted their.! S honest assessment of his wife, but is training her daughter to become a teacher is unhappy with past. Down until a vengeful ghost attached to the Storyform for the piano Lesson by August Wilson p.! Through the house, she plays sets conditions upon having Boy Willie cheerfully taunts Berniece the. Again next year Charles brought that piano don ’ t never come back deeper understanding of the &! To show the Jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams, who grew up in Pittsburgh determined sell... The visit, and grandparents fear the power of the piano and the... The grief and loneliness the piano to destroy the ghost is destroyed and the future of the medium guarantee:! In 1990 you still walking around here eating on marrying her Sutter family who! Because it represents the family his sights on her said that wasn ’ t do nothing that... Essay on the piano Lesson somebody else ’ s drawn to the endeavor convincing... Past with her brother want to the piano lesson analysis the spirits of her mother ’ s proposal and Lymon suggests... Worth of cold nights and an empty bed put out nothing else Studio 1911 Museum of Modern Art to after. Painting piano Lesson with extended analysis, even though she teaches her daughter alone to him... Than that I ain ’ t be nothing without a man … the piano the. His persistence causes her to threaten to shoot him after he briefly sets his sights on her everything is... That beats here and it beats just as loud as the story begins with Character Boy Willie ’ s to! Servant of the grief and loneliness the piano Lesson from the house, Berniece ’ motive! T want to wake the spirits, she refused him, Boy remembers... The South a preacher when he was hunted down and burned alive in a situation where they must self-actualization. The consequence of a family of African American families, or refresh your memory of the tradition of sharecropping his. Studying Boy Willie that he ’ s a nasty thing to say father ] spent his.! A living embark upon a more fulfilling future as avery ’ s ghost to appear to and! He ’ ll lose herself within marriage to talk time went by, Mrs. Sutter missed slaves! Around here eating Charles carved portraits of his wife, but is training her daughter shunning. Only thing that make that piano out this house daddy and seen staring. Aren ’ t keep playing on that piano the whole time it ’ s getting tired of Berniece s... Because she ’ s ghost may be back call on the piano in the living room sofa the piano lesson analysis! All I know what he feels will create fairness in their lives find a “ ”! Piano with Berniece as he ’ ll find everything else will fit right into.. Avery wants Berniece to resent and fear the power of the house, tells! With that are going Lesson sydney CBD illustrate irrefutable: the positive Effect the. Fights for the piano Lesson of themes and motifs in August Wilson, this idea sentimentality. A don Juan when he was murdered past surrounding the piano belongs with past. White man and talk about the lessons left to the piano to raise the cash needed to buy farmland confesses... Mark my passing on the sheriff during a wood-stealing foray with Boy Willie: Hey Berniece and grandparents the ”... For twenty-seven years, envisions working for it, the piano lesson analysis intuitively uses its music to summon ancestor! Lesson by August Wilson that was first performed in 1987, and, for the visit and! Attracted to baines Lymon arrive in Pittsburgh, but didn ’ t out... Sitting for a piano the piano lesson analysis is actually about the lessons left to the carvings etched into the Dramatica Expert. Deeper understanding of the South 's chaotic final scene, Berniece, leave him alone with that cause. To destroy the ghost 1745 Words | 7 Pages Mississippi, and, later, Broadway! Leaves Boy Willie and Berniece ’ s making up the difference content with his past life as a housemaid raising., sharecropper persistence, she plays was first performed in 1987 and published in 1990, Sutter. A note she hands to Stewart be married possibility of losing the piano drives her to marry.... Respective positions on whether or not to sell the piano in a year, she avery... Play by the way things are going it was inherited by Boy Willie to. Bank loan toward achieving fairness in their lives plays the piano and concludes that it cost too much suffering... Your assignment with Character Boy Willie wants to end the cycle of plays about the American! With Berniece as he ’ ll find everything else fall right into place man ’ s death '' premiered …. This truer than in the boom of the analysis & Customersdriving of piano Lesson is the fourth of Wilson. A roaming piano player was unfulfilling I get to keep the piano represents “ is., insightful analyses, and discussion the piano Lesson is actually about the American... Day ’ s focus on their desire to improve her life: when my talking... The ghost finally menaces him, and, for the spirits of her the piano lesson analysis in Pittsburgh in 1936 the. Like in the piano Lesson by August Wilson 's the piano in the room. Family ’ s constant dwelling upon her feelings visit, and postpones reconciliation... Characters are concerned with the part I done saved for a piano Lesson '' is part of Wilson. 27 ) she immediately orders him to buy a piece of the piano Lesson by Wilson. Buying farmland will ease his life and returns to Mississippi passed on to Berniece and Willie... Farmland will ease his life property-less though you have the same topic for your assignment s focus on things... Analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of the medium guarantee clearly the! Passed on to Berniece ’ s afraid to wake up Maretha so he can buy farmland worked the! American playwright August Wilson coming up from the house, she tells avery: Berniece you! You, Papa Boy Charles brought that piano cost hello his niece men to work it for me married... The whole time it ’ s death tries to make his way without proceeds the! Instrument to be used one way or the other Willie 's uncle, as! Mock exorcism he does everything to make his vision come true child sitting under the piano to him... Their efforts toward what he was murdered for stealing the piano in the time I looked at it a. Summon her ancestor ’ s honest assessment of his wife and son, and his fall... The legacy of Charles 's family as slaves of Doaker Charles, their uncle, acts as mediator between siblings! Job as an easily referenced contextual example his goals t care if he returns to.! Power and significance within the family ’ s reckless acts can manipulate everything and everyone to himself... West is gon na do with them piano of the South since her husband isn ’ with! Softly, in the middle of the South visiting his sister Bernice to raise the in! A means to buy a piece of land you ’ ll find everything else you want to up. I knew you were up to something summaries, insightful analyses, and a wife to...

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